The beginning of a Colemak experience

My name is Kevin. I am a freelance writer and just like some of you, I do not know how to touch type nor do I have that god speed hands. Like some of you too, I grew up knowing that all you needs is two fingers to be able to type properly but, sooner or later I realize that I am wasting my vast potential of being able to write more efficient and much faster. With my realization, i started to embark on a journey towards irsehdhersimi>/,.,.,/.-[.w1h//……/./.’o.///////////.’o[‘o[[[[[[-==============–/………………………………………………………

Sorry for that. =)

Anyway, I am writing this blog for several reasons:

1. To be able to track my progress while trying to learn how to type in Colemak.

2. To be able to practice typing while at the same time improve my writing skills and grammar.

3. To share my experience to other people who are also trying to learn how to type in Colemak.

4. Lastly, to have place a where I could vent all my frustrations.

To boost the effectiveness of this blog, I have set a rule for this blog wherein everything that I will share or post should be written in Colemak (Imagine how long it took me to write all of this!).

That’s it! Thank you for your time! Let’s start learning!

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