Colemak Progress – Day 10


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Oh hi! Sorry I was busy typing hehe!


What? You mean my progress? Well, despite the few bumps (Ok fine! large and little more than few bumps), I am getting the hang of it. I am typing with a little bit of ease compared to last week. Before, I was typing in Colemak at a very slow pace and I always end up getting frustrated, but now it seems that I am gradually building up my pace. I started from 10 wpm and I am proud to say that I am much faster now. I am currently at 30 wpm; I have attached a picture just in case you don’t believe me.


 (photo from website)

I used a two minutes typing test from I kind of like this app because I could see how fast I am typing thru the replay. You can even choose your layouts from Colemak, Qwerty or Dvorak.


Here are my other observations in past few days:


  • My hands appear to be more relaxed compared before.
  • I am able to type without looking at the diagram.
  • I have memorizes all the letters.
  • I am also improving at typing the most common words.


  • The fact that I am already using all of the letters, I can’t avoid my mixing all the letters.
  • I have some letter-specific problems such as: D and H. B and K. G and J.  Y and :.
  • I also have problem on my accuracy percentage, as I always make mistakes.


So yes, I have improved a lot from the past week and I am aiming to go up to 40 wpm this week. Although, I have heard that progress will start to go slow at this range, but I will still try to reach my goal. Maybe I could become one of the exceptions to the rule (yeah right!).  I will continue on using the exercises and I will also try to make some adjustments with my letter problems. Maybe I will make my own exercises to target my weaknesses. I will also try to limit my mistakes and keep my accuracy level at 95%. That is realistic as my accuracy percentage right now is 90% at best.


So that’s it for my progress report!


Me: Let’s start typing again!

My fingers: Oh! Not again!

Five for typing

I have been trying to learn a new keyboard layout for five days now. I used to be a four-fingered typist until i realized that I could type much faster if I will learn how to touch type. I have been fascinated with people who can type as much as 100 wpm or even more! I imagined myself typing with an insane speed that I could almost time travel the words to the future! Okay that is a little over board, but still, for me to be able to type that fast would be awesome! I can think of a lot of ways where I could use that skill to my advantage like writing articles and other freelancing activities to help me earn money. I could use it to play games or by just showing it off to my friends while looking at their in-awed faces. I know I sound silly but you see sometimes, these reasons are what pushes us to learn something we would never even try.

So, after i made up my mind, I started to embark on a journey towards a new horizon which is, the world of Colemak. Just so you know, I first tried learning the QWERTY layout. I was doing fine with it, but then one day I stumbled upon a website ( that talked about a new (or maybe a little older, nevertheless it is still new to me) typing layout. So yes, I clicked on it and I learned about the concept and how it is advantageous compared to QWERTY. It is believed to be more efficient and much easier to the hand, it is appealing to me because I like the idea of less stress in typing. Although, all ideas related to “less stress” is appealing to me, so I could have been biased, but it doesn’t matter I like the concept.

On my first day of training, it was very frustrating to type even a single word. I could not do what I usually do without thinking of jiujitsu-ing my laptop. To make matter worse, I have no choice but to go “cold turkey”. It was very hard to type, to message and even just to browse the net. But, I decided to go further and continue practicing until I can be comfortable with it and improve my speed. I downloaded the portable Colemak software, because my laptop is on QWERTY I need this software to reprogram my keyboard every time I need it to. I also downloaded the Typing Tutor software as suggested from the site. It was very helpful for me, as well as the other typing games that makes the whole practice session less boring.

Right now, my typing speed is 19 wpm with 95% accuracy. I am still practicing to improve my accuracy as it is more ideal to improve your accuracy before building up your speed. Some people suggest to practice on frequently used words, that is what I am trying to practice right now in addition to my daily exercises. I will share my improvement from time to time. This is to give others an idea on how it is like to learn to touch type from scratch. If there are others who are interested to learn, is currently learning how to or is already passed the idiot’s stage of learning the Colemak layout and is already hanging out with other typing gods, feel free to comment and share your ideas and experiences. Just to boast something, I made this article using Colemak layout. Yeah!!!

The beginning of a Colemak experience

My name is Kevin. I am a freelance writer and just like some of you, I do not know how to touch type nor do I have that god speed hands. Like some of you too, I grew up knowing that all you needs is two fingers to be able to type properly but, sooner or later I realize that I am wasting my vast potential of being able to write more efficient and much faster. With my realization, i started to embark on a journey towards irsehdhersimi>/,.,.,/.-[.w1h//……/./.’o.///////////.’o[‘o[[[[[[-==============–/………………………………………………………

Sorry for that. =)

Anyway, I am writing this blog for several reasons:

1. To be able to track my progress while trying to learn how to type in Colemak.

2. To be able to practice typing while at the same time improve my writing skills and grammar.

3. To share my experience to other people who are also trying to learn how to type in Colemak.

4. Lastly, to have place a where I could vent all my frustrations.

To boost the effectiveness of this blog, I have set a rule for this blog wherein everything that I will share or post should be written in Colemak (Imagine how long it took me to write all of this!).

That’s it! Thank you for your time! Let’s start learning!